Online SDS Management System: Simplify Compliance & Document Handling

Since OSHA can fine businesses up to $7,000 for safety data sheet violations, remaining compliant needs to stay a priority. Online SDS management makes this possible when you and your employees handle hazardous chemicals regularly or in large volumes.

Here, we’re going to discuss the ins and outs of digital compliance tools and how they can benefit any business. Read on to boost your workplace safety and comply with OSHA regulations easily.

What Is an Online SDS Management System?

Safety Data Sheet (SDS) management means storing and updating information about workplace chemical hazards. Employers must assess the materials around the workplace and take a chemical inventory. They then must fill out a 16-section form documenting the chemical’s properties, handling and storage procedures, and transportation requirements.

This form also includes important information on what to do after unsafe exposure. Employees can take both preemptive and reactive steps to stay safe.

This can be challenging when you’re typing up every SDS manually and formatting it to meet OSHA regulations. Online SDS software makes the process easier by providing you with digital tools that ensure compliance.

SDS management software allows remote access, constant updates, and easier chemical inventory management. You don’t need to worry about forgetting to refresh information or losing critical information employees need.

Digital Compliance Tools

Regulatory compliance is a critical aspect of running a business that works with hazardous materials. You don’t want OSHA to subject you to detrimental fines that could shut your business down. Unfortunately, understanding the requirements of SDS management can be challenging for businesses that don’t have expert software to assist them.

Luckily, KHA’s online SDS management technology is one of the best digital compliance tools available. This is because safety data sheets are easy to generate and fill out in the appropriate format. The technology also helps with documenting safety training and generating GHS labels for chemical inventory.

Regulatory compliance is also made easier with frequent reports. Our SDS software automatically monitors your sheets against the local, state, and federal hazards list.

If a material requires regulatory reporting or updates to its documentation, your system will flag the SDSs that need attention. You can then make appropriate upgrades and generate reports that help you comply with legal regulations.

An Easily Accessible Library

Paper SDS management systems aren’t just outdated – they’re ineffective. OSHA requires SDSs to be accessible at all times to employees who handle chemical hazards.

When you have a lot of papers stacked up in a drawer, you risk inaccessibility because employees will need to dig through stacks of irrelevant safety information. Additionally, there’s no remote access when only paper SDSs are available. Combine that with the difficulty that paper updates present, and you have a recipe for non-compliance.

Digital compliance tools help you meet safety regulations with indexed data. The technology doesn’t just make SDS generation easy and efficient but also lets you add indexing tags to each sheet.

KHA’s software automatically indexes every form with 35 data fields before putting them into your digital storage system. Employees can then access it from their devices and search for SDSs based on these indexing tags.

The ability to search using multiple criteria smooths the process along as well. The end outcome is every employee’s ability to search for safety data sheets within minutes, read them quickly, and get back to work safely.

Accessibility is also made easier because of the software’s SDS archive. This archive stores sheets for chemicals and materials that aren’t in use in the workplace anymore. If you begin using them again, the SDSs are still accessible to employees, which ensures compliance and enhances safety.

Mobile and Remote Access

Remote work is here to stay, and one in every five Americans will work remotely by 2025. Many labs, industrial settings, and other locations with chemical handling will need to adapt to hybrid work models.

Regardless of whether this describes your situation, remote access to SDSs is important for employee safety. People aren’t always on the job, and they might work odd hours. They need the capability to access your SDS database from their mobile devices so they can learn about hazards from any location.

When you work with the best SDS software providers, you upload your sheets to a cloud system that’s accessible anywhere. Any connected device that’s authorized can gain access to the sheets.

This isn’t just ideal for companies with remote workers or those who need employees to have at-home access. It’s also a necessity for digital compliance tools when your business operates in multiple locations.

You won’t need to make copies of SDSs so people in multiple workplaces can access them. It will all be on the same web-based system.

You can also access accounts and databases with KHA’s SDS-Moble application. This app works on both Android devices and Apple ones so people can access their devices anywhere. Offline access is also simple when employees download the sheets to use when they’re not connected to the web.

Automated Backups and Security

Losing SDS forms to system outages or data breaches can mean quick noncompliance. OSHA clearly dictates that the information must be accessible at all times. Losing it, even accidentally, puts you in violation of these regulations until you can get the SDSs back.

Luckily, the right SDS management software will automatically back up every sheet in your database regularly. If disaster strikes and you lose your SDSs, you can get them back quickly and efficiently by accessing the backup.

Streamline Your SDS Database

Contending with safety data sheets can be a challenge, but online SDS management makes it much easier to ensure compliance. Now that you know how to meet safety regulations and decrease the likelihood of occupational injuries, it’s time to get started with SDS software.

KHA is proud to offer a digitized system for businesses looking to promote employee safety. Our easy-to-use templates make chemical inventory management easy while storing all SDSs in a centralized location. Schedule a demo to learn more about how we can help you comply with OSHA requirements the right way.