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At the technological forefront—KHA’s patent pending HazMat Inventory app introduces greater efficiencies to chemical audits. The task of building a repository of safety data sheets (SDS) is made easier with image-based data collection, a patent-pending business process engineered by KHA.

Utilizing optical recognition technology (OCR), image collection, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), KHA eliminates the task of  handwriting chemical inventory lists, or keying in/typing information from chemical container labels, saving countless hours and resources.

  • Workers simply use KHA’s patent-pending HazMat Inventory app to collect clear images of chemical containers and their labels.
  • Collected chemical images are delivered by the app to KHA for processing.
  • KHA project management staff detail milestones and a timeline for completing the project, and coordinate succeeding training following project completion.

Download the App

                       Download the app from the Google Play Store  Download in the iTunes App Store

KHA Hazmat Inventory simplifies the complicated tasks associated with hazardous materials management. It gives you the ability to detail all chemicals in your inventory, across multiple locations in the units of measure that are most appropriate for your facilities. In addition, it gives your employees access to critical information to allow them to work safely and more efficiently.

KHA’s Hazmat Inventory is powered by Online-SDS™, an industry leader in safety data sheet management. Hazardous materials that require regulatory reporting are flagged in your system, allowing you to generate the proper report to ensure regulatory compliance of your facilities. Using standard measures conversion tables, the system automatically calculates and converts Tanks, Containers and Drums into pounds for you. This feature allows you to know when your facilities have met reporting thresholds for various regulatory agencies and substance control lists.