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KHA is at the vanguard of technological innovation with its HazMat Inventory app, streamlining chemical audits through advanced image-based data collection. This process leverages optical recognition technology, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to simplify the creation of safety data sheet repositories, eliminating manual inventory listing. The app allows workers to capture images of chemical containers for processing by KHA, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in chemical management. KHA’s team oversees project milestones, ensuring timely completion and subsequent training for optimal use of this cutting-edge tool.

  • Workers simply use KHA’s patent-pending HazMat Inventory app to collect clear images of chemical containers and their labels.
  • Collected chemical images are delivered by the app to KHA for processing.
  • KHA project management staff detail milestones and a timeline for completing the project, and coordinate succeeding training following project completion.

Download the App

                       Download the app from the Google Play Store  Download in the iTunes App Store

KHA’s Hazmat Inventory streamlines the complex task of hazardous materials management. It enables comprehensive detailing of chemical inventories across various sites, utilizing units of measure tailored to each facility. This system enhances workplace safety and efficiency by granting employees access to crucial chemical information.

KHA’s Hazmat Inventory is powered by Online-SDS™, an industry leader in safety data sheet management. The system identifies hazardous materials that need regulatory reporting, enabling the creation of necessary compliance reports. It also features an automatic calculation and conversion of tanks, containers, and drums into pounds, using standard conversion tables. This functionality is key to monitoring when facilities reach the reporting thresholds set by various regulatory bodies and substance control lists.

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