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KHA knows that accurately maintaining your safety data sheet inventory and knowing precesely which chemicals your employees are working with is important for your company’s bottom-line. Regulatory violations are costly, not only financially, but your company’s reputation suffers as well.

KHA’s Online-SDS™ services are optimal for streamlining the management of your safety data sheet inventories. We provide you a cost-effective method for giving your facilities on-demand access to the information needed to help diminish risk, increase workplace safety and assure regulatory compliance.

Safety Data Sheet Compliance

OSHA’s support of the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) has made it essential that employers maintain an accurate safety data sheet library. Online-SDS™ allows unlimited access to a vast database of safety data sheets that are updated regularly. Advanced search features allow you to locate the information you need according to 35 field that we index. In addition, we allow you to provide us with up to 7 unique identifiers to associate with your safety data sheets, making for greater efficiency in your workplace.

Compliance Reporting

Online-SDS™ gives insight into the chemical composition of the materials in your inventory. Materials that require regulatory reporting are flagged in your system, allowing you to generate the proper report to ensure regulatory compliance of your facilities.