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  • Health And Safety

    Top 5 Health and Safety Topics

    Talking about health and safety topics with your team can be a laborious task. Not all members of your team will share your enthusiasm for knowledge and success and it can make you feel unsure if you’re connecting with the team. Focusing on subjects that directly relate to their daily duties helps your team members […] READ MORE...

  • Mobileapp

    7 Useful Health & Safety Apps on the Market

    Technology has truly transformed the health and safety ecosystem. The following applications are useful tools to help businesses assess and improve their health and safety programs. 1. The Safety Compass The safety compass is a Health and Safety risk management app designed for workers to help them manage and avoid dangers in the workplace. This […] READ MORE...

  • Health And Safety Mobile App

    Benefits of Health and Safety Apps on Mobile Devices

    The Benefits of Health and Safety apps cannot be denied. The ways in which companies are managing health and safety operations has been completely transformed by technology, specifically mobile technology. An Environmental Health & Safety professional now has the ability to accomplish more in a workday while spending less time on tasks without cutting corners. […] READ MORE...

  • Ghs Revision 7

    Preparation for HazCom Update – GHS Revision 7

    Although the United Nations publishes updates to the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals every two years, the most recent edition – Revision 7 – is of particular significance given that OSHA has expressed its intent to update its 2012 Hazard Communication Standard (currently aligned with GHS Revision 3) with this latest […] READ MORE...

  • Hazard Communication Standard

    Why Safety Data Sheets are a crucial part of your Hazard Communication program

    A key component of a company’s written hazard communication program are Safety Data Sheets (SDSs), which are written or printed materials around hazardous chemicals prepared in accordance with the requirements in paragraph (g) of the Hazard Communication Standard. The HCS continually finds itself on OSHA’s Top Ten Most Frequently Cited Violations. Of the top five […] READ MORE...