How to Easily Create, Issue, and Manage Confined Space Permits
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Between 2011 and 2018, 1030 workers died on the job because of injuries involving confined spaces. This is the last available statistic, so it’s critical to keep it in mind when running a workplace that utilizes confined spaces in both routine and irregular operations. 

A confined space permit is critical for ensuring both compliance and employee safety. Here, we’re going to discuss what these permits are and what OSHA requires to be on them.

Read on to learn the ins and outs of creating, issuing, and managing confined space permits.

What Is a Confined Space Permit?

Many workplaces require employees to work in confined spaces. OSHA defines these as areas that are large enough and appropriately configured for a person to enter for short periods. They have limited means for entering and exiting the space and aren’t meant for long-term or continuous occupancy.

Some common confined spaces include vessels, storage bins, pits, and silos.

Not all confined spaces require permits. OSHA has outlined a permit-required confined space as one that:

  • Contains (or can contain) a hazardous atmosphere (i.e. one with little oxygen that could cause someone inside to suffocate without proper precautions)
  • Holds serious health hazards like exposed live wires
  • Holds a hazardous material or toxin that could potentially engulf someone inside
  • Has an external structure that could trap, crush, or asphyxiate an occupant

These spaces come with risk, so OSHA standards require employers who make use of them to get a permit for compliance. It’s made to outline precautions that people need to take when working in these small areas. If you don’t obtain this permit, you could be fined for noncompliance or held liable for negligence in the event of a tragedy.


Creating and Issuing Active Permits

To create a confined space permit, work with a reputable confined space management system. KHA’s solutions are specifically tailored to support both OSHA and ISO standards so you don’t need to worry about non-compliance.

New permits must be issued by a supervisor or other qualified person when an employee must enter the confined space. This qualified person must have a recognized degree, certificate, or professional standing within the workplace. Each employee must obtain a permit before entering each space.

Our cloud-powered services are easily accessible from any device and you don’t need to install additional software. There are also regular updates to keep you ready for your next audit. Plus, since the permits and safety sheets are easy to search on any device, employees will always have the information they need to stay safe right at their fingertips.

What Should Be on a Confined Space Program?

To create a permit, you’ll need to know what information should be on the associated documents. All sections are necessary for the permit to hold up. The role of the permit is to help both employers and employees evaluate the confined space they’re entering and exist inside of it safely.

Required sections of a confined space safety plan include:

  • Recognition of all hazards/potential hazards in the space
  • Evolution and development of hazards as the space is continuously tested regularly
  • Methods for controlling hazards to allow safe entry
  • How people can communicate with attendants and supervisors while in the confined space
  • Information regarding the permit itself
  • Documentation of OSHA-required training provided by the supervisor
  • Emergency response and rescue procedures if something goes wrong

Creating Permits With KHA

Creating permits is easy with KHA’s technologies because administrators can create them within a single app interface.

AutoCAD technology is one of the many ways that we help you stay compliant. You can upload maps of all confined spaces on your site alongside images and coordinates. You’ll also have the chance to add specific details of your space to the program so that everyone can easily locate it in emergency situations.

Additionally, our interface lets you generate permits quickly with detailed forms. These are pre-formatted and have autosave features that streamline their creation. All you’ll need to do is enter details and tweak past forms for updated use or use in new spaces.

Issuing Permits Easily

You’ll be able to easily issue and send permits to workers via email. This will ensure that they’re always accessible and searchable for every involved party.

Centralized data makes sure that users can log in anywhere, and administration teams have permission controls that let them delegate tasks to workers with permits.

The Ins and Outs of Confined Space Document Management

Whether you’re contending with confined space chemical management or asphyxiation-related hazards, it’s important that you maintain a confined space program. Beyond that, you also need to regularly take inventory and assess your workplace. This will let you have an up-to-date and compliant program that ensures all hazards are recently documented.

Training those who must go into confined spaces is also very important. Keep everyone informed about changes and updates. Make sure that everyone knows where to access SDSs and other resources.

Make sure that you also verbally communicate safety procedures and emergency responses. Administer tests to ensure understanding. When possible, run drills for emergency preparedness.

Leadership teams also need to be informed, as do those outside the space that confined space workers must communicate with. Train them in regulations and response procedures as well.

Evaluate and re-evaluate all aspects of your permits and documents regularly. This is essential for making sure that everyone remains safe in spaces with changing hazards. You can send out notifications for updates and request responses to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Get Started With Organized Record Keeping

Now that you know how to contend with confined space permit issues, it’s time to begin promoting safety and health standards in your workplace regardless of its size. Our team is committed to providing you with simple tools for confined space permit creation and SDS management.

Our transparent and competitive pricing makes us a great option, as do our wide range of services and organized interface. Contact KHA to learn more about how we can keep your business organized with record-keeping and safety data.