Safety Talks – Confined Spaces Identification
Confined Space Sign

Identifying confined spaces within your facility can be a challenge, especially when you don’t know what signs to look for. Using the following points as reference will make confined space identification easier within your facility.

A confined space will meet all of the following criteria:

  1. Have limited means of egress
    1. Manholes
    2. Removable Plates / Hatches
    3. Ladder as an Entrance / Exit
    4. Hole / Pit / Excavation Site with a depth greater than 5 feet.
  2. The space must be large enough for a human to enter.
  3. The space is not designed for continuous human occupancy.

When is a confined space entry permit required?

  1. When a confined space has any recognized hazards including:
    1. Engulfment hazard
    2. Entrapment hazard
    3. Atmospheric hazard
    4. Chemical hazard
  2. When performing certain work activities that require a worker to enter the confined space for any period of time.

Discussion Topics:

  1. Entry procedures and events that relate to confined spaces within your facility.
  2. Ask your team if they have any questions regarding confined spaces.
  3. Review how someone could be injured within a confined space and prevention measures in place to minimize the risk.

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