Safety Talks – Confined Space Entry
Confined Space Entry

Roughly 10% of all confined space entry accidents result in someone’s death. Specific procedures must be developed and followed for every entry due to the fact that confined spaces present a variety of hazards. The following points are a good place to start to review your facility’s procedures regarding permit required – confined space entry.

The Basics

  • Review the hazards associated with the space by gathering a copy of the entry permit and hazard assessment.
  • Ensure that all equipment is in good working order. This includes, but is not limited to PPE, Rescue Retrieval Equipment and Communications Equipment.
  • Ensure that Lockout / Tagout procedures are followed to eliminate hazardous energy.
  • Conduct continuous air monitoring using a multi-gas monitor
  • Ensure the space is properly labeled with a confined space “DANGER” sign.
  • Review the “DANGER” sign to ensure the information corresponds with the information on the hazard assessment.

Both the entrant and the attendant have specific responsibilities during a confined space entry.


  • Understand signs and symptoms of exposure that the entrant may exhibit.
  • Remain outside the space during entry operations – Do not leave the space unattended.
  • Monitor atmospheric conditions within the confined space.
  • Maintain communications with the entrant.
  • Do not perform any work activities while attending an entry.
  • Initiate emergency rescue by notifying the emergency rescue team on site.


  • Understand the potential hazards and be aware of symptoms of exposure.
  • Wear proper PPE as specified on the permit or hazard assessment.
  • Maintain constant communication with the attendant.
  • Evacuate the space immediately upon notification by Entry Attendant.
  • Alert the attendant and exit the space immediately when there is a warning sign or symptom of exposure to hazards.

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