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Month: June 2019

  • confined space training badge

    Why Confined Space Training is Important

    Besides the apparent dangers involved in the job, trainees will also learn about personal protective equipment (PPE), fall protection, lighting equipment, communication equipment, and entry procedures. READ MORE...

  • lifting safety

    Safety Talks – Lifting Safety

    Back injuries are one of the most common injuries found in industry. With this Safety Talk we will address proper lifting techniques, how to reduce the risk of a back injury and some other general safety tips. READ MORE...

  • Lock Out / Tag Out Saves Lives

    Safety Talks – Lock Out / Tag Out

    29 CFR 1910.147 details the requirements needed to control hazardous energy while servicing or performing maintenance on machinery or other equipment. Types of Hazardous Energy: Electrical Hydraulic Mechanical Pneumatic Gravitational Chemical Thermal When are Lockout-Tagout Procedures Required:   Servicing/performing maintenance on energized equipment  Any form of work on equipment when safety guards or measures are […] READ MORE...